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FINALLY, A Safe Place To Pitch Your Napkin Tech Idea!

There Is No Such Thing As Too Early At Project 10K Because When The Right People Show Up, With The Right Idea, In The Right Market , And The Right Business Model We Are A “YES” To Co-Found!


Transforming Napkin Ideas Into Impactful Tech Exits.

We desperately want you to WIN which is why when you sign up for your 5-Minute Pitch we provide you with EVERYTHING you need to get a “YES” including a manual, video training, and presentation which will help you focus on what matters to Project 10K at this step…

The Problem

The Solution

Business Model

Why You


“I’ve wanted to get into tech but I was unable to find the right opportunity AND the only way I would move forward was if it was 10X. When I met Jared Yellin and heard about his moonshot to build, scale, and sell 10,000 tech companies in 10 years I knew I found my guy and the right opportunity. Every accredited person should have a comfortable portion of their investable wealth into deals.”

– Grant Cardone,

Ecosystem Partner, Project 10K

WHY Project 10K Is Your Dream ComeSub-headline True For Your Tech Idea...

The world of tech entrepreneurship is riddled with some of the most traumatic and intense experiences that impact people for a lifetime.

Whether it’s because they can’t find a team OR find a team that screws them financially OR find a team who simply can’t deliver – all of these outcomes are not only common, but probable and the result is a flop.

What Other Option Do You Have?

  1. Here's some stuffSit on your idea and take it to the grave with you

  2. Someone else will execute on your dream before you

  3. Your life will never change if you play it safe

  4. Potential will be missed as you might be holding onto the next big tech company

  5. And the list goes on and on1 Column

Become ONE of the Entrepreneurs Who Took Massive Action



have applied


Earned a chance

to pitch their idea


Companies have

been co-founded

Just Say YES To Submit Your Idea.

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain by submitting your idea NOW !

Here’s What To Expect

We have had 1,000’s of people apply to work with us in our first year and 100% of this group had NO other option other than to find a way to help us see their vision. That being said, let’s run through it!


Pitchathon (5-minutes)

This is your chance to share your vision in a 5-minute private pitch with Project 10K leadership where you will get an immediate response regarding next steps.


Due-Diligence (60-minutes)

If you hear YES during the pitchathon, the next step is Due-Diligence where we will dig into you, your idea, the market you are entering, and your business model.



The moment we have been waiting for has arrived because after we complete due-diligence, we will make a decision on next steps and we hope it’s Co-Foundership!


Validation Challenge

Within 60-90 days from the start of your Cohort, we will launch your MVC (Minimal Viable Company) which will be able to onboard users and begin to generate cash-flow.


Booyah Fund Support If Needed

The Validation Challenge will require $30k-$60k of startup capital which is where you have the opportunity to use Booyah Fund, the most dynamic crowd-funding platform on the market.


Hit KPIs In Validation Challenge And Scale

We will mutually agree on KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that MUST be hit within 90-days of launch so that we can leverage this data to raise capital or reinvest for scale.


TOGETHER, We Will Go On The Journey To EXIT!

The journey to build, scale, and sell is a lonely process UNTIL NOW because TOGETHER we will weather the lows and celebrate the highs as we go for an EXIT with your tech idea.

Innovation Never Stops. Submit Your Idea.

Technology and industry solutions are constantly being created and launching into the market. The majority of innovation resides in the graveyard. Will you take your idea with you or make it a reality?

“We have an insatiable desire to find the RIGHT person with the RIGHT idea in the RIGHT market and with the RIGHT business model. If we get these FOUR RIGHTS, we will co-found a company with you. Build, Scale, and Sell 10,000 tech companies by 2031 in order to eliminate at least one inefficiency for every person on the planet.”

-Jared Yellin,

Founder of Project 10K

Now What? - Schedule Now!

Sign Up For Your 5-Minute Pitch During Our Project 10K Pitchathon Next Week!

Includes The 5-Minute Pitch Manual And Training Video

Common Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please CONTACT US

Will Project 10K Sign An NDA?

We don’t sign NDA’s on ideas only because we are pitched 100’s of ideas a week. AND we will never launch a company without a Co-Founder so the IDEA person is ALWAYS protected for that reason alone. We even have scenarios where people come with their ideas and they DON’T want to Co-Found the company and we STILL give them equity.Your idea is 100% safe with us and we hope you understand our perspective since we literally hear pitches every 30-minutes of every day.

What Does It Take To Get A YES From Project 10K?

We have 4 specific areas that we focus on in order to reach the point of saying YES to an entrepreneur looking for co-foundership. 

Right Person

We will shed some light on one of the greatest distinctions to date for Project 10K which are the 8 non-negotiable characteristics of a Co-Founder.

1. Expert on the problem they are solvin

2. Relevant relationship capital that is eager to help

3. Strong business intuition and acumen

4.Stable emotional resilience

5. All-in mentality with skin in the game

6. Clarity of the problem and solution

7. Unwavering self-confidence and self-esteem

8. Ability to sell

Right Idea

We  strive to find the right people with the right ideas which are defined as technologically viable within a realistic time-frame, that also solve a significant enough problem in the world, and have the potential to become a personal or business utility. 

Right Market

There are two extremes in the market.

Red Ocean – Highly Competitive

Blue Ocean – Zero Competition

Both are extremely suboptimal which is why we look for a Pink Ocean solution where your target market knows they have an inefficiency but simply can’t find a solution. 

Pink Oceans are the easiest to scale in which is optimal for an early stage tech idea.

Right Business Model

One of the many benefits of the Validation Challenge is that it will positively force us to generate revenue quickly so we look for ideas that have strong business models that are attainable in a short time frame and ideally recurring so we can begin to build financial momentum.

Why Are Their Fees To Pitch?

We have created an entirely new category for entrepreneurs.


Prior to Project 10K napkins were considered valueless, useless, and there was nowhere to remotely share a dream on a piece of paper.

 The reason we charge nominal fees to pitch and for due diligence is so that you have skin in the game and you take this experience seriously because WE REALLY DO!

The amount of time and human resources we invest into the Pitchathon and Due Diligence far exceeds the small investment you will make (meaning we lose money each time we do this) but we don’t want to lose time which is why we have you make a small investment so you are keen to go all-in and really show up prepared for a pitch that has the potential to change your entire life forever.

What Is The Equity Split If We End Up Co-Founding?

Every company has the exact same deal structure which is 50% equity owned by YOU and 50% equity owned by Project 10K. Remember, you have an idea on a piece of paper right now – 50% of something is WAYYYYYY more than 100% of an idea on a piece of paper. Let’s DO this!

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